Thursday, November 30, 2006

i once was hot but now i jitter

Earlier a visual memory came to me: when I was a little girl, at the grocery store with my mom, I wandered away. She looked up and down aisles for me and finally located me lying down in the freezer where the frozen pizzas were kept. "I was hot," I told her.

Frenetic-thought day, pictures and booms, and then quick inner-visual show about blood pressure running to the sound of accordions and a mouse occurred, and a wonder about sickness of no specific sort. The bathrooms here are not clean and that can’t help the sickness.

It would be a whole different world if we began each of our words with a z. Zand zthen zI zsaid zto zher, zbite zme. It would be a whole world different if none of us had noses. This possibility has been visiting me for the past 15 years.

I hope universal nose-loss doesn’t ever happen because it creeps me out as much as plastic mechanical toys that sing and dance.

There is no theme here but bad coffee jitters and a stack child-high of manuscripts on circadian rhythm, and an accordion that continues to loop storyward partially eastward, and gravel.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

long days there have been*

On random occasion I wonder if I'm psychologically disturbed or neurologically unfortunate and nobody's had the heart to tell me all these years. And that's why people are nice to me even when I'm socially craggy.

On other occasions I wonder if people I know are so disturbed or unfortunate and nobody's bothered to tell them, and I've not tapped in because I tend to accept what's before me, view it, and consider it.

How ever to know...another vocal cord down the tubes.

*Life has been very busy lately. If anyone's still out there I may or may not be back soon.