Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Last night I had a curious dream I’m going to try to bang out before I have to leave this seat.

I was on a bus, a public bus, I suppose, but it was smaller, somewhere between a regular yellow school bus and a short one, though it was white on the outside.

The café scene came either before or after the bus scene, or intermittently. I was with my grandma and my cousin Julie. Maybe we were headed somewhere and we needed something to eat. I don’t know why precisely the same bus would have waited for us.

Nobody in the café took interest in our interest in getting something to eat. We settled on something quick to take out with us. Coffee maybe. Maybe a muffin.

On the bus were roughly 14 people, maybe 12, including Uma Thurman and Brad Pitt. I had pre-dream knowledge, i.e., had learned earlier in the dream but also at the same time, that this was the scene in the movie when Uma’s emotional thrust comes to a head and blows.

She’s sitting next to Brad. All is quiet. She starts singing "Frere Jacques," quiet and pleasant. Then the melody overtakes her, she sings loudly, stands up, makes motions with her arms to get other people singing. A few chime in out of fear of the red her eyes and face have filled with. She’s got the animal rushing through her, blonde hair flying.

She looks at me, singing more loudly. I bob my head, sway, mumble out a few words to the song. Obviously, she’s disappointed, but Christ, was it up to me to make a monster happy?

She runs to the back of the bus, singing and thrashing—then leaps forward into Brad’s seat, gnashing a chunk out of his shoulder, bare for some reason, drawing much blood. She bites at his head many times, thrashing.

I had known this would happen. I had seen it.


Blogger {illyria} said...

she wasn't playing beatrice kiddo, was she? because if she was, you better watch out for that hattori hanzo. sharper than teeth, i tell you.

p.s. i have stranger than strange dreams, too. but i don't remember them in the morning.

5:04 AM  

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